Kaytlyn gave us the confidence to know how to settle our 8 week old baby and has helped to establish a great night time routine that is seeing us get 6-8 hour stints.


Kaytlyn's techniques and flexible approach is well worth investing in early on to ensure good habits for the long run. We are very thankful Kaytlyn helped us tackle our sleep deprivation and are so pleased with the results. Cant recommend her Newborn Consultation Package enough.


Kaytlyn has been an absolute life saver! We walked her to the door after our consult and did a happy dance all the way back up the hallway because our baby boy had been in his bed for almost 2 hours for the first time EVER! We've gone from having him in our arms for every single sleep (even overnight😵) to putting him down in his cot awake and ready for a big sleep. The follow up support Kaytlyn offers is fantastic and helped us to keep tweaking things to get him the best sleep possible! We feel like we've gotten part of ourselves back and couldn't be happier with the decision to seek Kaytlyn's help!

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Finn wakes up happy, sleeps longer and can now fall asleep independently. Thank you so muc